Roof Inspections in Kitchener

My Three Sons Roofing Specialists offers complete roof inspection services for commercial and residential properties from an insured and licensed roof inspector in the Kitchener region. Whether you require emergency roof repairs or are looking for reliable roof maintenance services to avoid costly and premature roof restoration, we are an independent roof inspection company with many years of experience and satisfied customers.

Why Should I Get a Professional Roof Inspection?

Hiring an expert to inspect the roof of your home or business saves property owners from the potential hazards of getting up on a roof to perform the inspection themselves or relying on an inexperienced end individual who may not be able to spot the more subtle signs of roof damage. Extreme weather can cause damage to the roof of your Kitchener property that may not be immediately apparent yet lead to major roof repairs later on. A regular roof inspection during the fall or spring months can prevent some weak points in your roof from worsening and turning into the need for a premature roof replacement. Many property owners may be unaware that gutters systems have become clogged with branches, leaves and other debris that can eventually cause serious roof hazards. In addition, ensuring that your roof is properly sealed can offer significant savings on energy bills. Our qualified roof inspections also check for any installation defects and worn or missing shingles or material and make professional recommendations for professional roof repairs to protect the safety and the value of your property. Addressing roof problems promptly before they turn into costly roof repairs will save you thousands in the long run.

Roof Inspection Services

My Three Sons Roofing Specialists doesn’t just provide a visual inspection of the exterior of your roof but will also evaluate your attic and roof boards to check for leaks and the first signs of any structural damage. Our licensed roof inspectors carefully check for damage evident in in celling cracks, deformed walls, water stained walls signaling oncoming leaks and any door and window misalignments; in addition to a complete inspection of every roof component including soffits, gutters, flashing, drains , vents, skylights and chimneys, Photos along with our professional recommendations for any necessary roof repairs are included in a detailed written report suitable for insurance companies and any other business transactions. My Three Sons Roofing Specialists offers a range of options for roof repair and roof maintenance and provides price estimates during inspection if necessary. Investing in a professional roof inspection from a reputable Kitchener roofing company to replace shingles or repair leaks promptly is far more cost effective than a complete roof replacement that could have been avoided.

Roof Maintenance Tips

Regular roof maintenance saves money and ensures safety. Follow these simple tips:

  • Check for missing or damaged roof shingles regularly and especially following a storm.
  • Clean gutters regularly.
  • Remove leaves.
  • Trim overhanging branches.
  • Remove debris from gutters.
  • Sign up for a bi-annual roof inspection from a reputable and licensed roofing company.

Minimize costly repairs with regular roof maintenance. Call a My Three Sons Roofing Specialists roof inspector in Kitchener to schedule an inspection and for more information today.